Sound in itself is essentially a language, the most basic one. Yet, there are few ways that the language of sound is represented in a beautiful and visually appealing manner that breaks away from the clich├ęs of society.

Key Finding
Cymatics (The study of vibrations) shows a new way to visualize sound.

Sound can create beautiful visual patterns through cymatics- as if speaking its own language.

Sound is beautiful and has its own language.

Create works that represent a new visual way to represent sound through cymatics.

The Concept
The concept itself is rather simple, to visualize the language of sound. I want to show people what sound looks like and how beautiful it is both visually and audibly.

The Medium
The concept had the unique ability of speaking much on its own as the sound created its own beautiful language, I was just the translator. Therefore it was not necessary to create a complex execution in a complex medium and therefore I sought to translate the language of sound in the simplest and most concise manner possible. I decided to make use of printed and framed pieces that speak for themselves. I chose a large medium as I wanted to make a big impact on people that would view the works, this would also lend itself to the minimalist style that I was aiming for.

How did I do it?
In order to create the works I disassembled my guitar amplifier and made use of the inner tube of a soccer ball stretched tightly across the speaker cone. I then put coloured sand onto the tube and made use of a tone generator on my phone to emit a uniform frequency through the amplifier. The effect essentially vibrates the most stressed areas of the tube, causing the sand to move away from these points into the least stressed areas(where there is little vibration). As a result, the tube acts as its own medium for the sound.