The Rand For Light Campaign

2D Animation, Illustration

Our task was to create a powerful social awareness campaign for a South African brand that adds value to the community. I decided to choose Ellies Electronics.

The Rationale:

For this brief, I wanted to follow the process of the brief rather than jump to conclusions and even develop solutions. I began with researching brand that I felt were relevant and came across Ellies. Due to the drop in share price, the lack of engagement with consumers and the scarcity of campaigns or advertising I decided to choose Ellies as my brand. I then looked at what Ellies had to offer the community and the best products or assets that could be distilled from their very large product range. I narrowed it down to water saving products, energy efficient lighting and solar power.

From my research I knew that the best digital platforms would be Facebook and Instagram. These platforms had in the past been neglected and I wanted to correct this at least a little. I found that the general target market that I wanted to focus on were middle to high-income bracket individuals with smart phones as they would need to be able to engage with the platforms mentioned above.

My initial approach was aimed towards looking at water saving but then I noticed a greater opportunity that could combine lighting and solar power to solve a particular problem. I found that energy poverty in South Africa is a very real issue and further narrowed this to lack of lighting. I noticed that in combining several of Ellies’ products, Ellies would be able to create a package that could provide a large scale-low cost lighting solution for a community. The real question was how to get people involved.

I solved this by introducing a donation of R1. An amount that is negligible in everyday life but can make a very real impact with many people. This also became a good way to measure engagement, the more money that is collected, the more people engaging. People would engage with videos that speak from a cheerful, informative but emotive stance. The intention is to simple get people to empathize, even just for a moment, and then be compelled to donate.

The campaign would be perpetuated by image posts that can serve as a continuation of the movement, keeping peoples’ attention. From this point the brand has many different avenues to explore such as using a physical installation to capture donations or update the website with a live donation counter.

The most important thing I learnt from this brief was to follow the process and I believe that the more I do so, the more I will improve.