Gameplay of My Game-Mountain Man Experience

3D Modelling, Sound, Illustration, Coding, App Development

Craft two final executions that can be utilized in our portfolios.

The Rationale:

For me, Mountain Man Experience is a massive leap forward with regards to my ability and what I aim to do. At the start of the year I was inspired to get into architectural virtualizations and 3D animation. Through my entire year one will be able to see my progress in using Cinema 4D to create new models and interesting scenes on my blog

My goal was to get to a point in Cinema 4D where I could create my own models and then eventually import them into Unreal Engine 4 to create a 3D and interactive application/game. For my entire year I have been working towards this point and Mountain Man Experience marks a very big step in my abilities. Not only does it mark a big step in my abilities but it also further explains who I am as Mountain Man in a more experiential manner!

You can download the game from my blog to try for yourself here