A Flash Game For My First Year Portfolio

Actionscript, Illustration, 2D Animation

Create a work that combines 6-10 of influencers in such a way that the style is reflected throughout.

The Rationale:

For my portfolio of evidence assignment I sought to portray my influences in the most compelling way I possibly could, in an interactive walkthrough app. Very much inspired by the resume webpage by Robby Leonardi. I made use of Adobe Flash to create the app and although it came to my knowledge that Flash was severely outdated, I decided to continue on the platform as I wished to test and extend my knowledge using Actionscript 3 to achieve functionality.

On opening the app, the user is presented with the main screen and a button that allows them to play the sequence. The mouse takes the form of an astronaut in space as this is how I see myself, as a learning designer with a vast amount of direction that I can choose from. The music in the background is me playing guitar as I am a musician and music is a very unique reflection of who I am. Therefore with the visuals and the sound, the viewer is immediately introduced to my current developing style and persona. Once play is clicked, the user is met with level 1.

I decided that each sprite(main character) would represent a particular character for each level and that each level would integrate meaning behind all of the visuals.. For level 1 it was me, a hungry zombie with a thirst for knowledge. Level 1 represented how I saw myself in the beginning of the year, lacking experience and with a will to learn. Level 1 also introduces me as a multimedia designer and shows my aspirations.

Level 2 was representative of Bobby Chiu and the character was a creature known as a Piranha Puppy. The level reflects my views to be open minded and accept imagination within creativity as a whole. It features my own attempts at creature design and what I one day aspire to be like.

Level 3 was representative of the coding behind the visuals and Guillaume Juvenet. The sprite is the same as in level 2 except it is in binary as to represent how coding is the backbone to visuals. It also reflects the problem solving aspect of my personality that enjoys generating solutions through logic.

Level 4 was representative of Steve Lewis and how he inspires me to be a better multimedia designer. His level of animation at such a young age only pushes me to achieve in my future to come. The way he uses layering and angles in his videos also shows me the technical aspect of his work and I sought to incorporate the mild use of 3D in order to represent this. The way he mixes his original sound with his media also influenced me to add in my own original soundtrack .

Level 5 links to the importance of incorporating home and work together to form a health synergy. The level represents my sister, Kiara Di Domenico, who has been an influence to me even before I was aware I wanted to study multimedia. She continuously pushes me forward her work is to a level that I would like to achieve one day.

Level 6 represents Luc Lagesse and his unique brand, Gorillafactor. The link is very evident in the use of a gorilla and his level is all about making connections in the sense of combining knowledge to produce an individual style.

Level 7 is the final level of influences and represents the culmination of all of the above elements to form the ultimate goal of visuals, coding, style, imagination, sound and interactivity. This is the level I wish to achieve in my work one day. This is why Notch is my greatest influence.

Level 8 is the unmapped closing level that ends off with the astronaut previously seen in the beginning. This shows that I am still finding my way and my own unique style

Although I am almost certain I have used the program(Flash) in a manner completely unintended, I feel that I have emerged more knowledgeable about the language(Actionscript 3), the dynamics involved in making a functional app, my influences, what is important in multimedia, the amount of time required to complete a task like this and a greater appreciation for my own ability to create what I set my mind to making.

With almost 620 lines of Actionscript code, over 40 different animations and 124 elements to the piece I believe that the application is the best representation of what I have learnt in 2016.